What do anecdotal reports say about Cardarine?

  • Reports of fat loss and endurance benefits to their training. Just to what extent either of these manifests is of course highly context-dependent, due to the nature of the compound and its action within the body, and the particular idiosyncrasies of the user’s biological makeup.
  • Users who regularly monitor their blood pressure report decreases in the order of +-5%. This has obvious benefit in scenarios where blood pressures, particularly systolic readings, tend to be higher than normal.
  • There are also some reports of feeling hotter than one normally would, which would possibly indicate the thermogenic actions of the compound within the body. Some have even said that this can disrupt sleep; dosing away from bed time has shown some alleviation here.
  • Although the studies would not seem to necessarily indicate any kind of acute effects from dosing Cardarine, there are some users who report low blood-sugar symptoms following ingestion. If one suspects they may be susceptible to such phenomena it may prove prudent to have a suitable remedy close at hand.


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