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  • What is Cardarine?

    Synthesized in the early 1990s, Cardarine is a selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPARd) agonist and activator of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPk). The intent with this compound was for it to be utilized in the treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases due to its profound impact on lipid homeostasis. *It should be noted that Cardarine
  • What are the benefits of Cardarine?

    To better understand Cardarine and its benefits, we need to more closely examine its two main modes of action, PPARd agonism and AMPk activation. PPAR receptors are a group of nuclear receptors that can be divided into three subtypes: alpha, beta, and delta. All three are dietary lipid sensors that regulate fatty acid and carbohydrate
  • What do anecdotal reports say about Cardarine?

    Reports of fat loss and endurance benefits to their training. Just to what extent either of these manifests is of course highly context-dependent, due to the nature of the compound and its action within the body, and the particular idiosyncrasies of the user’s biological makeup. Users who regularly monitor their blood pressure report decreases in
  • Is Cardarine suppressive?

    Not at all, Cardarine has displayed zero capacity to act upon any sex hormone, nor the HPTA. Further, it requires no on-cycle support of any kind.   Try out these Cardarine Products:
  • Does Cardarine require PCT?

    No. In fact, Cardarine can be very beneficial if utilized as part of ones PCT following the use of any suppressive compound (SARM, PH, etc.).   Try out these Cardarine Products:
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