SARM’s vs Prohormones

SARM’s have become very popular over the past few years. As a result, a lot of new users wonder…what’s the difference between SARM’s and prohormones/designer steroids? Both SARM’s and PH/DS are anabolics that activate the androgen receptor. Due to this activation, both SARM’s and PH/DS suppress natural testosterone production and do require PCT. Both SARM’s and PH/DS can be used in a body builder’s bulk cycle to build new muscle, as well as be used in a cutting cycle to maintain muscle mass while in a caloric deficit. Now, let’s discuss the differences between the two…


-Androgenic side effects

SARM’s selectively activate the androgen receptor in only bone and muscle tissue. Hence, the prostate is not affected by SARM’s. Hair shedding is less likely with SARM’s as well. PH/DS activate any androgen receptor they can. So, negative androgenic side effects are more likely with a PH/DS than with a SARM.



Most PH/DS are methylated for better oral bioavailability. Consequently, this makes it hard for the liver to break these compounds down which are very hard on the body. PH/DS is also known to cause a sharp rise is blood pressure in most users. Because PH/DS are so hard on the body, on cycle support supplements are needed to keep bodily functions working properly. SARM’s are no methylated and do not put strain on the liver. Some SARM users have reported an increase in blood pressure. Appropriately, blood pressure monitoring while using SARM’s is recommended.


-Lean Body Mass Gains

Both SARM’s and PH/DS can promote gains in lean body mass. Most PH/DS promote rapid weight gain due to an extreme increase in glycogen retention. When the PH/DS is discontinued this glycogen retention subsides, and muscles become smaller and body weight decreases. SARM’s can increase lean body mass at a more moderate pace. Accordingly, these mass increases are easier to maintain after the SARM is discontinued.


-Endogenous Testosterone Suppression

SARM’s and PH/DS both suppress natural testosterone levels. Most PH/DS have a very pronounced level of suppression, not only on testosterone levels, but also on the luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone as well. This brings testosterone production to a standstill. SARM’s have less of an effect on the luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones. So, even though natural testosterone production is suppressed, the degree of suppression is minimal compared to with most PH/DS.


In conclusion, PH/DS produce quicker and more pronounced results. However, they are much harder on the body, and the obtained results are harder to maintain post cycle. SARM’s tend to be less suppressive, and easier on the body. Less lean body mass is usually obtained by using SARM’s, but these gains are more apt to be kept post cycle.

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