Sup3r EPI Elite 120ct by Olympus UK

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Your new 2016 stack, SUP3R Epi-Elite by Olympus UK


For consumers in search of being able to work out better and getting rid of mental and physical stress, Olympus UK has made an exclusive pro hormone, SUP3R Epi-Elite. Being created from one of the most well known compounds, Epi Andro, it lets you lift more weight and gives better resistance to stress. Once taken orally, the substance provides you with the physique you are looking for by giving improved strength and muscle shape.


Key Benefits:

  • Dry compound
  • Non-methylated – Non-aromatizing
  • Increased determination
  • Great for cutting/recomping
  • Increased strength via CNS activation
  • Increased muscle hardness and density


Providing you with the cutting edge technology of S-SEDDS, SUP3R Epi-Elite is your top pro hormone choice

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