SUP3R-2 Perfect Cycle

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Olympus Labs – The Ultimate Cycle to make some serious gains!

Sup3r-2 Perfect Cycle features three amazing products:

1x Sup3r-2, 1x AR1MICARE PRO, 1x Sup3r PCT

Sup3r-2 – It contains a new prohormone called 2-Andro which will add lean hard gains while increasing your strength, endurance and recovery time.

AR1MACARE Pro – This product contains Liver support and Anti-Estrogen compounds to maximize your gains and eliminate any estrogenic side effects like gyno, fat gain or bloating. It is a complete cycle support system that will protect your body from the stress that prohormones will put on it.

Sup3r PCT– A revolutionary supplement that recover the effects of prohormones on your body when your cycle ends. This Sup3r Post Cycle Therapy will protect your vital organs and keep your hormones in check. Sup3r PCT will ensure that you keep your gains and stay healthy.


Sup3r-2 Perfect Cycle Usage:

Sup3r-2 – 1 cap twice daily

AR1micarePro – 4 caps twice daily during cycle

Sup3r PCT – 5 caps twice daily during post cycle therapy


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