EP1C Unleashed by Olympus Labs

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EP1C Unleashed, if you’re looking to break those barriers!


Once again, Olympus Labs have proven their worth with this pro hormone and pre workout. EP1C Unleashed has set a new standard for non-hormonal anabolic annihilation. Ensuring you achieve the most out of your experience and gain better results. The Epi is beneficial to those seeking additional muscle mass, reducing cardiovascular risk, enhancing capacity, and improving vascular function. Along with PhytoFUSETM – enhanced delivery system, to enhance potency anywhere from 2-6 times!


Key Benefits:

  • Next generation Epicatechin
  • Endurance and workload increase
  • Delayed onset of fatigue
  • Improved glucose tolerance
  • Helps increase strength


Olympus Labs have taken it to the next level by EP1C Unleashed

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